My service is the ideal solution for businesses or individuals that don't need a full-time office / personal assistant. Why pay someone for eight hours per day when you only need someone for a few hours per month? By making use of my services you can outsource your work, get quality work done, and save time and money.

What is an Administration Consultant?
An Administration Consultant is a self-employed person offering office support and related services to businesses or individuals. The Administration Consultant works in her own office and may not necessarily ever meet the client face-to-face. Work is delivered via e-mail, on-line uploading / downloading, or courier services. Clients may be in the same area or anywhere else in the world.

The Administration Consultant is someone who has acquired business administration skills through certified and tested training, and put those skills to effective use in the business world as an employee, prior to starting her own business. She is a specialist in administrative support, working in partnership with clients. Because of her expertise and focus on administrative functions, an Administration Consultant can provide clients with advice and guidance on setting up administrative systems and improving operations.

The Administration Consultant is a business owner in her own right, offering specialised services and expertise based on her knowledge, skills and experience, to other business owners and individuals.

Services are provided on the following basis:

  • Monthly retainer - ideal for businesses or individuals who require on-going services, pre-paid upfront month-to-month. This is a package comprised of monthly tasks.
  • Fixed price - ideal for once-off specific projects.

What an Administration Consultant is not:
She is not a temp or employee. She does not work in other people's offices. Although an Administration Consultant provides support and administrative advice and guidance to clients, she does not manage the client's business. She is instrumental in helping clients achieve success and accomplish their goals, but clients are responsible for their own business success.

What is Business Administration?
Business administration is the continuous, often behind-the-scenes, work that has to be done throughout the life of a business in order for it grow, run smoothly and profitably, and generate revenue. It is vital work that keeps a business organised, running smoothly and moving forward. It is the backbone of every business and no business can run smoothly without it.

Thanks to technology, you can work with me, no matter where you are. If you are a business owner who needs more hours in the day to deal with office work, I can help you. If you have a personal project but limited time in which to complete it, consider using my services. No matter how large or small your business or project may be, I can help you.

It is important to note that all communication with clients is mostly by e-mail. For me e-mail is the vital tool for working with multiple clients across time zones and managing all their work effectively. It also provides the communication trail and documentation I require for each client folder I keep. There are times that Skype call / chat or text messaging is required.

Benefits of hiring an Administration Consultant:
Did you know that trying to do everything yourself costs you at least 40% in lost revenue? According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the average small business owner spends up to 40% of his or her time on administrative work. By using my services you can reclaim that 40%

  • No need for recruiting, screening, hiring and training new employees.
  • No employee-related expenses such as benefits, sick leave, vacation pay, insurance.
  • No extra office space or equipment costs. I do all work in my office.
  • You have one person, the same person, complete your tasks each and every time.
  • Service and rates tailored to meet the specific needs of client and project.
  • Spend more productive time on revenue-generating activities.
  • Worry less about paperwork - relieve stress and pressure.

My mission
To provide business owners or individuals with off-site office assistance that is professional, reliable and affordable. It is my personal goal to get the job completed in a timely and professional manner, with confidentiality.

My experience and skills
  • 20+ years experience in administration / secretarial work and bookkeeping, working for small businesses, government and international companies (military, fashion retail, life insurance, child-care services, restaurant, road transport, film location caterers, hairdressers, sales training consultant, fashion designer, aviation and media: newspaper, magazine and Web site)
  • 20+ years experience in genealogy and family history research for clients world-wide
  • 14+ years experience in writing, editing and publishing newsletters
  • Worked and lived in South Africa, Canada and England, exposure to varied business cultures
  • Strong background in desktop publishing
  • Strong skills in Internet research and teaching others to use their computers
  • Completely fluent in English, Afrikaans and Portuguese. Working knowledge of French.

Some of my career highlights
  • Recipient of the Top Female Recruit Trophy upon graduating from initial military training.
  • Recipient of Most Improved Award during Dale Carnegie training course.
  • Development of a Quality Control System at branch level in national life assurance company.
  • Completing a Bookkeeping and Microsoft Office Products Diploma at Willis College of Business and Technology in Canada, passing with Honours
  • Researched family history for two "Who Do You Think You Are" TV episodes for BBC TV (Natasha Kaplinsky and David Suchet)
  • Participated in Al Jazeera English documentary - People and Power: Colours (part 2, screened 23 Sept 2008)
  • Researched family history for the film "Skin" about Sandra Laing's life.
  • My first article published in a South African newspaper.
  • Successful emergency evacuation of personnel from Libya in Feb-Mar 2010, using initiative and social media to source a military transport flight when there were no other flights out.
  • Recipient of Employee of the Year at aviation company.
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