What type of work can I provide?

  • set up and manage a reminder service for tasks and dates
  • translate documents (English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, French)
  • convert documents to PDF format as well as extract, insert and combine pages
  • typing and formatting manuals, manuscripts and other business or personal documents
  • create standard forms and letters
  • create / update newsletters, brochures, flyers, adverts, restaurant menus, etc...
  • create PowerPoint presentations
  • data entry into spreadsheets / database
  • set up and do mail merge
  • manage client service programme - Thank You / Birthday or other greeting cards or gifts
  • set up and manage an e-mail distribution list
  • build a custom spreadsheet
  • contacts management - input and update your contacts database on a daily or weekly basis
  • clean up databases
  • edit and proofread documents or Web content
  • create and manage business social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn
  • research and write Web site content
  • research travel destinations, hotels, car rentals. etc...
  • research competitors, industries, pricing, etc...
  • research, write and manage a newsletter
  • book flights, hotels and car rentals
  • research and provide destination reports containing relevant information (places to see, local etiquette, etc...)
  • research and prepare visa application requirements

  • create and e-mail invoices
  • computerised bookkeeping to trial balance
  • reconcile account statements (credit cards, Paypal, eBay, etc...)
  • get rid of the shoe box system - change to a computerised system
  • expense accounts - tracking and claims

  • create family history books
  • create local or company history books
  • create personalised birthday / wedding newsletters
  • provide genealogical / family history research and archival records

E-mail me for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements.